A journey of a thousand miles ahead

1 August , 2006

yo-perfil.jpgHi there! My name’s Alan Cyment. Since I entered the IT industry some ten years ago, I’ve been trying to get to know its inner workings from every possible viewpoint. During the early part of my career I made the effort to work in both big IT departments and tiny ISVs, both as a developer and a tester. I searched job postings so that I could gain experience with fading FoxPro, eternal Smalltalk and mainstream C#. I even struggled as a RUP process engineer, with a focus on SOX compliance. At times my work has taken me into the areas of marketing and product development.

But my story is not just a technical one; passion is in the air too! I studied drama for four years. I was psychoanalyzed for eleven. I struggled to communicate in four languages: Spanish, English, French & German, and now speak fluent English. I’ve always loved reading about history and visual arts and enjoy listening to classical music. I’ve travelled extensively around Europe, the US and the Middle East. I also practice soccer, swimming and yoga as intensely as possible.

A summary of my eclectic career was due, and luckily it appeared out of the blue: Agile! Software development from a human perspective. Honest, passion-driven, great-but-not-perfect emergent design. Software for humans, rather than machines. Looking people in the eyes, rather than reading e-mail. Building software that we love, rather than doing work that just pays the bills. And over all that, making others get it as well.

Since I discovered Agile in 2004 I have become an avid reader of everything Agile. Feelling the need for a more Latin American view of the subject, and not being able to finance a trip to the US to get a CSM certification, I decided to put up the first open CSM course ever in Latin America. I contacted Tobias Mayer, personally sold every single of the available seats for the course, and finally got certified in 2006. The course was a complete success, and I was pressed to organize two more courses that very same year. Tobias agreed on my working with him as his assistant, and we managed to certify over 40 delighted CSMs. After the first course took place, I created a Latin America-specific Agile Yahoo Group, that today sports over 140 active members from over 10 countries. I have also been leading the organization for the first Latin American Scrum Gathering ever, which is planned to take place in Argentina in October 2008, and I’m now looking for the next big challenge. I bring my passion for life, for people and for Agile into all my work.